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A model for trialling alcohol ignition interlocks in Queensland

Schonfeld, Cynthia, Sheehan, Mary

Drink/Drug Driving


This paper describes the development of a model for the trialing of alcohol ignition interlocks with drink driving offenders in Queensland. A range of information sources were used to develop the model, including: an extensive review of the international literature relating to interlocks; an analysis of data relating to the operation of the Under the Limit rehabilitation program in Queensland; and extensive consultation with key government and non-government stakeholders. These investigations revealed support for a judicially imposed model similar to that used for Under the Limit. It is proposed that Magistrates in selected courts will offer drink driving offenders the option of driving an interlock-fitted vehicle for a period of time, most likely in return for receiving the minimum period of licence disqualification. In addition to the interlock requirement (the experimental condition), the offenders in the trial will also complete Under the Limit during their disqualification. A comparison group of offenders will complete Under the Limit, but not be offered the interlock option.