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So you want to increase cycling on roads: then we need side underrun barriers on all trucks

Rechnitzer, George, Grzebieta, Raphael (Peer reviewed)

Bicycle Safety


With increased promotion of bicycling on roadways throughout Australia, it is well overdue that we introduce the requirement that all trucks have side underrun barriers. Such barriers are necessary to help prevent cyclists (and pedestrians) from falling under the side and rear wheels of these vehicles when passing and turning. Side underrun barriers have been required in Europe for some decades now, and in many parts of Asia. This paper presents the types of systems being used in Europe and Asia and the requirements for an Australian Standard specifying truck side underrun barriers. A recent case of a bicyclist fatality due to falling under a turning truck has once again highlighted the need for such barriers which the Authors have called for some twenty years. While installation of side underrun barriers are being promoted by some heavy vehicle industry groups and regulators, and being fitted, there is an urgent need for comprehensive attachment of these devices to all trucks, particularly if cycling numbers continue to increase.