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Learner driver mentor programs (Ldmps) a long term review

McRae, D, Deans, A, Gonzalez, V, Mazuran, T

Young Drivers


Learner Driver Mentor Programs (LDMPs) emerged during the 2000s as a social support strategy to assist young people attain their driver licence, often for purposes of employment. With the 2007 increase in mandatory supervised driving hours for young people in NSW to 120 hours, LDMPs were seen as a good option for meeting a need amongst some disadvantaged young people who had difficulty accessing supervising drivers and/or vehicles. In 2009, Youthsafe comprehensively reviewed the issue, including completing a literature review; conducting Australia wide surveys and interviews with key stakeholders; and running public seminars. This preliminary work resulted in an enquiry service established by Youthsafe and supported by Transport for NSW. A ‘Tool kit for developing Learner Driver Mentor Programs’ for community professionals planning and running LDMPs was then published by Youthsafe in 2012. Greater on-road driving experience for learners has proven to be significant in reducing young driver deaths and injuries. For this reason Youthsafe’s ‘Tool kit’ was specifically designed to reinforce the road safety benefits of supervised driving, as well as providing practical guidance for the conduct of LDMPs. Youthsafe’s mentor training programs and co-ordinator networking sessions likewise focus on road safety. This paper presents: 1. A snapshot of the nature of issues relating to the supervised driving support needs of young people and LDMPs over a 5 year period. 2. The factors identified as critical to the effective functioning of community based LDMPs.