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Designing a safe system for vulnerable road users in inner Melbourne

Bolitho, J



Road safety policy makers and practitioners subscribe to the safe system. This presentation asks how well the prevailing understanding and application of the safe system serves the needs of vulnerable road users. It will present a conceptual framework for the safe system that puts vulnerable road users first - in practice as well as in theory. Inner Melbourne has a high and ever growing concentration of pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and motorcyclists. The number of people accessing the region by these modes for education, employment and entertainment continues to grow strongly. It also has a rapidly increasing residential population. It is a 24 hour city. While Inner Melbourne has few fatalities, it does have a large representation of pedestrian and cyclist serious injuries. The presentation will draw on leading practice from RSAGIM member councils in a range of areas including policy, speed reduction, and pedestrian and cyclist supporting infrastructure. It will introduce cultural approaches that support road user safety. The presentation will conclude with offering a conceptual framework for a safe system for vulnerable road users in Inner Melbourne.