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The World?s Worst Drivers: Do We Qualify?

Tuck, Peter

Driver Licensing & Training


The rising road toll in Australia prompts us rethink our approach to driver education across all age groups.

Not only the 17 to 25 year old males require the extra effort, but the same age females and increasingly and more statistically everyone says, the older drivers.

Television programs showing us the worlds worst drivers get good ratings and a lot of laughs ? but, look around you and you will see that everyday on our roads, we see the same dangerous actions and stupid accidents.

Driver Trainers are exposed to these drivers every day and we are becoming frustrated at the lack of effort by the authorities to ?attempt? to improve the situation.

Today, I will show you video of these situations seen every time we are on the road with novice drivers. You will laugh at some and gasp at others and realise the stupidity of drivers and wonder why the road toll is not higher.

At the conclusion you may have to rethink enforcement and education methods as I will convince you Australia may just have the Worlds Worst Drivers.