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Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue ? Review of Regulatory Approach

Todero, Kerry, Moore, Barry

Heavy Vehicles


The flaws and internal inconsistencies of national prescriptive regulations have become apparent:
? They encourage focus on hours of driving, rather than trip preparation and quantity and quality of rest;
? Current prescriptive hours of driving and work are inflexible and may not lead to effective fatigue management; and
? They may not be fully consistent with Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

Consequently, the National Road Transport Commission has initiated a review of the regulatory approach to the management of fatigue in drivers of heavy vehicles. The foundations of this national policy review are heavily dependent upon the research and evaluation projects undertaken by experts in sleep, shiftwork and human performance.

A more flexible prescriptive regime (including provision for full fatigue management) in jurisdictions currently subject to prescriptive regimes, supplemented by a Code of Practice, is to be considered. This could allow greater consistency with jurisdictions that have implemented Codes of Practice under occupational health and safety legislation, and lead to reductions in fatigue related crashes involving heavy vehicle drivers.