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The safe system elearning module - a capacity building initiative

Waller, E



The TAC developed an eLearning module to assist all members of staff to understand and be able to describe the principles of the Safe System. As a leader in road safety, recognised internationally, the TAC is committed to developing road safety capacity throughout the organisation. The module was developed to support the actions of the Victorian Road Safety Strategy 2013-2022, which aims to reduce serious injuries and fatalities by more than 30 percent. The module was developed by an experienced online learning organisation through a defined program management framework and included consultation and stages of review by the Victorian road safety partners. The module was deployed to all staff from the beginning of April 2014 for a period of four weeks. The resource is now available on-line and accessible to any organisation or individual. For organisations with a learning management system, it can be downloaded and allocated to staff, as was the case for the TAC. This paper will describe the project development, deployment and evaluation by the TAC, along with providing outcomes for other organisations that have accessed the module.