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Can speeding be justified?

Redshaw, Sarah



There is a lot of community acceptance of speeding and the kinds of justifications that are given centre around people regarding themselves as good enough drivers to decide what speed to travel at for themselves. There is an evident lack of acceptance of speed limits. It seems that no matter how much better roads are and with speed limits up to 110kms per hour, there remains a strong desire to exceed speed limits. The level of acceptance of speeding is fairly widespread and besides the problems this causes amongst experienced drivers it sets a very bad example to young drivers. Many drivers of all ages experience being ?pushed along? in traffic above what they are comfortable with, which is typically exceeding speed limits. Many drivers exhibit a great deal of impatience with drivers travelling at or near the speed limit and can become quite aggressive. On highways where there are 60km zones these are often ignored by drivers who either fail to notice what speed they are doing and the change in acceptable speed limit, or simply choose to ignore speed limits in these areas. The paper explores the culture of speeding that appears to be an implicit part of acceptable driving practice.