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School Environment Safety Guidelines

Ram, Sanjay, Moore, Renae

Road Environment


In continuing the challenge to improve road safety in Queensland, the Queensland Government commenced a review of the SchoolSafe Guidelines in August 1998. This paper discusses the reasons for the review, the development of new guidelines and the introduction of new initiatives in improving safety for the State?s youngest road users.

The emphasis of this paper is on the review of the School Zone Guidelines. School zones are only one part of an extensive suite of measures used to improve road safety for children in Queensland. These new guidelines are the latest development of the Safe School Travel (SafeST) Package.

The SafeST Package is comprised of a number of initiatives which aim to improve the safety of travel to and from school for primary and high school students in Queensland. SafeST activities include the Safe School Bus Routes Program, Safe Walking and Pedalling Program, Speed Awareness Program, Flashing Lights in School Zone Trial, SafeST Subsidy Scheme, School Crossing Supervisors Scheme, public education and other initiatives.

The paper also outlines new applications to increase motorist awareness of school areas, including consistent colour on school warning signs, and flashing lights on school zone signs.