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Validation of test protocols for assessing motorcycle protective clothing using real world crash investigation

Meredith, L, de Rome, Liz, Fitzharris, Michael, Baldock, M, Brown, J (Peer reviewed)



This paper presents the methodology developed and preliminary data from a study designed to investigate the adequacy of testing protocols included in the European Standard for motorcycle protective clothing, EN13595. The study is being conducted as an adjunct to an ongoing Austroads funded in-depth study of motorcycle crashes. The Austroads study includes examination of the crashed motorcycle, crash scene and interview with the rider. In this study, the clothing worn by the rider during a crash is examined and the clothes collected for later testing of the protective capacity using standard laboratory tests. Kinematic analysis of each crash is used to determine the riders’ motion and observe the location of impacts to the riders’ body during a crash. Equipment that is capable of testing the abrasion resistance of motorcycle clothing is being constructed and validated. The clothing worn by motorcyclists involved in crashes collected during the Austroads funded study will be tested using this equipment and the clothing performance will be compared with injury outcomes. This paper presents preliminary results for the first 20 cases to demonstrate the methodology being employed to investigate the adequacy of the abrasion resistance requirements of EN13595. The results of this work will be of interest to those developing programs to enhance or monitor the quality of protective clothing available to motorcyclists.