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The NSW Speed Camera Strategy: Increasing transparency and community engagement in speed enforcement in NSW

Walker, Evan, Murdoch, C, Prendergast, Margaret, Gavin, Arem, Castillo, C, Higgins-Whitton, L

Strategy & Policy


In 2011 the NSW Auditor- General conducted a review of speed cameras in NSW that reaffirmed national and international evidence that speed cameras change driver behaviour and have a positive road safety impact. Following the review, Transport for NSW developed an overarching speed camera strategy that defines the need for speed enforcement in NSW, outlines the site selection criteria for each speed camera type in NSW and most importantly sets a new direction in encouraging greater transparency and community engagement in the use of speed cameras in NSW. With the aim of ensuring that camera enforcement in NSW is fair, credible, effective and meets community expectations, a range of strategies have been developed and implemented since June 2012. These include: the establishment of the NSW Community Road Safety Fund into which all speed camera revenue is directed to fund the state's road safety policies and programs; an annual review of speed cameras against criteria outlined in the strategy with a commitment to remove/relocate cameras if they are not delivering the expected road safety benefits; the ability for the community to nominate locations to be considered for speed camera enforcement using the Safer Roads website; and the expansion of the red-light and mobile speed camera programs with enhanced signage and supporting public education. The Strategy enabled us to deliver a large scale expansion of speed cameras in NSW, while providing assurance to the community that cameras are being used to improve road safety.