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Safety review of NSW decommissioned speed cameras for the development of alternative road safety treatment

Ma, A, Fernandes, Ralston, Walker, Evan, Connell, D, Hollyoak, K

Speed - Travel Speeds


Following a performance audit into speed cameras conducted by the Auditor General and the release of the audit final report, 38 fixed speed camera locations where cameras were not found to be effective were switched off with immediate effect. A safety review of the 38 decommissioned fixed speed camera locations was conducted to establish whether alternative road safety treatments are more appropriate and whether the camera should remain. Reviews were led by the NSW Centre for Road Safety in consultation with key stakeholders. A comprehensive methodology was developed and implemented, with locations prioritised according to level of community concerns and road safety risks. For each location, detailed analysis of crash, speed, traffic and other relevant data was undertaken, and the local community was engaged to provide input into road safety issues and concerns. A multi-disciplinary team then inspected each location and recommended alternative road safety treatments where appropriate, taking into consideration the data analysis and feedback from community engagement. Finally, a report detailing location inspection findings, discussion of data analyses, feedback from community engagement, and recommendations for any appropriate alternative road safety treatment was prepared for each location. Implementation of proposed alternative road safety treatments has commenced at all relevant locations, a number of cameras have been removed, and treatments have been completed at around half of the locations, with treatments to be regularly monitored and formally evaluated. This safety review process has been refined and has led to an established methodology to support the annual review of speed cameras, as well as any future decisions about the effectiveness of fixed speed cameras and whether any particular camera should remain in place.