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Road to Respect Roadshow

Frauenfelder, P



In 2012 VicRoads developed and delivered a road safety campaign to educate truck and car drivers about sharing the road safely. The educational campaign arose out of two key determinants: ·         research predicting Victorian road freight to grow by 50 per cent by 2020 and, ·         studies found that roads users, other than the truck driver, were responsible for the majority multi-vehicle crashes that involved a truck. The campaign’s centrepiece was the Road to Respect Roadshow – an interactive truck that travelled to 10 selected locations across metropolitan and regional Victoria. The aim was to give thousands of Victorians an opportunity to experience the road from a truck driver’s perspective and remind truck drivers of their road safety responsibilities. VicRoads research found that the most likely way to influence driver behaviour was to allow drivers to experience the road from another driver’s perspective. VicRoads engaged a consultant, Icon. Inc, to develop a campaign based on this experiential approach to learning which became the central theme of the campaign, to show, rather than tell, drivers how to share the road respectfully. Key results include: ·         12,000 people visited the roadshow ·         The website attracted 3,100 page views ·         27,000 people saw activity on Facebook ·         75% of visitors rated the exhibit eight or more out of 10 ·         78% responded that they would change the way they drive around trucks (the most common response was 10 out of 10).