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Characteristics of motorcycle riders in NSW

de Rome, Liz, Fitzharris, Michael, Baldock, M, Fernandes, Ralston, Ma, A, Brown, J (Peer reviewed)



Research identifies age, experience, exposure and motorcycle type as contributing factors to motorcycle crashes, but the prevalence of these factors in the rider population is unknown. This study quantifies the characteristics of riders in NSW. Motorcyclists (n=506) were surveyed at 25 motor registries across NSW. A multi-stage stratified random sampling plan identified the survey sites, based on socioeconomic indicators, using registrations as a proxy for the population. Post-stratification weighting for age and gender based on motorcycle registration data was used to generate population-level frequency distributions. Almost half (49%) of the motorcyclists in NSW are aged 40-59 years, 23% aged 26-39 and 14% aged16-25. On average NSW riders have been riding for 16 years, including 30% with over 20 years and 27% with less than six years’ experience. Forty-two percent ride almost daily, 32% only weekends and 9% only weekdays, they ride on average approximately 7 hours per week. Most ride motorcycles (88%) and 12% ride scooters. Forty percent of riders have LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) machines, including 28% of fully licensed riders. Ownership of multiple machines suggests the State registrations database may overestimate the active rider population by approximately 15%. The data presented is valuable for strategic planning and policy decisions towards interventions to reduce motorcycle casualties in Australia.