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A national partnership framework to help Australian businesses and organisations develop a positive road safety culture and enhance road safety nationally

Potter, J, Carslake, J

Work Related Road Safety


This paper will outline the strategy for the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP), the business case behind establishing it and other examples of programs to learn from. It will highlight what businesses and organisations identified as the opportunities and gaps which could be delivered through such a collaborative process. The paper will focus on the components of NRSPP’s implementation and how it not only supports Australia businesses developing a positive road safety culture but also the UN Decade of Action on Road Safety. NRSPP is a collaborative network for businesses, governments and researchers to share information and good practice regarding road safety. It facilitates the knowledge sharing for all businesses as well as provides formalised partnership participation for organisations wishing to improve road safety. The program is providing a forum through which organisations can choose and implement the right tools for their operational needs and -importantly - measure and evaluate the outcomes. This information can then be shared for the benefit of other businesses, and society as a whole. The NRSPP will drive innovation and productivity at the individual business level while helping to reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads. The program, underpinned by the Safe Systems framework, complements existing programs by highlighting what already exists and identifying opportunities to share ideas and practices across different industries, and provides the mechanisms to facilitate the exchange of corporate learnings and role modelling.