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City of Stirling Child Car Restraint Program

Pope, S

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The City of Stirling aims to reduce the number of children killed or hospitalised as a result of road trauma through a holistic child car restraint (CCR) program that increases the number of parents/careers who use appropriate, safe and correctly fitted CCRs. A correctly fitted CCR can significantly reduce the risk of death and injury however the effectiveness of CCRs can be impaired by incorrect installation or using a CCR that is not appropriate for the size and weight of the child, damaged or old. The City established a Road Safety Officer position in 2004 and a CCR program was identified as an area of need by the Road Safety Advisory Committee. In 2005 the establishment of accredited CCR Type I fitter training in WA enabled the City’s Road Safety Officer to establish a formalised CCR program. The need to develop a holistic CCR program rather than just providing a service was evident early and the program: - Raises awareness of the issues associated with the incorrect CCR use - Provides a free CCR fitting and checking service for residents - Provides a free drop off service for old or damaged CCRs - Facilitates free CCR demonstration/presentation sessions - Provides free training to expand the CCR fitting and checking network - Administered a subsidised CCR scheme for disadvantaged groups The holistic nature of the City’s CCR program is a defining feature as the program and partnerships with other organisations and councils has been a successful method of extending the reach of the program.