ARSRPE Conference Paper Database

“One strategy for one network”: Delivering sustainable road safety in Rockhampton Region through improved governance

Edmonston, C, Oliver, L, Prior, M, Van Nunen, J, Findlater, E

Strategy & Policy


Taking a “one network” approach, the Rockhampton Regional Road Safety Strategy 2012 – 2022 formalises the partnership across state and local agencies and operationalises the governance process recommended in the newly-developed ‘International Standard for Road Traffic Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for Use’. In doing so, local delivery is driven by the following management functions: (i) results focus; (ii) coordination; (iii) legislation; (iv) funding and resource allocation; (v) promotion; (vi) monitoring and evaluation; and (vii) research and knowledge transfer. The Strategy redefines the role of the Regional Road Safety (3E) Committee to facilitate cross-agency decision-making. The 3E Committee meets monthly, with the focus alternating between strategic (proactive) and operational (reactive) objectives. This governance model actively encourages members of the community and elected representatives to bring emerging road safety issues/ideas to the 3E Committee for technical consideration, and ensures consistency and transparency in process. The Strategic Working Group (proactive function) of the 3E Committee is addressing a series of “shared priorities” under each of the elements of a ‘safe system’. The Regional Road Safety Priority Matrix was informed by stakeholder input, a review of the crash profile for the region and an understanding of the unique road safety challenges facing the RRC area. This paper describes the journey to develop the Strategy and provides an interim report card on performance to date. Innovative ways to share knowledge and resources across agencies are a feature of discussion and many of the lessons learned would be transferable to similar jurisdictions.