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Amending the definition of Power Assisted Pedal Cycles to allow more powerful, yet safer versions, be used in Australia

Leavy, D, Denoury, G



In May 2012, the federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport amended the definition for power assisted pedal cycles (PAPCs) in the Australian Design Rules to allow for pedalecs, which are a form of electric bicycle that complies with the European Standard EN 15194. All jurisdictions have either already changed their legislation to accommodate pedalecs or are in the process of doing so. The amendment was in response to public demand for better, 'greener' vehicles, and was informed by a technical paper produced by Transport for NSW which involved desk-top and practical research, and extensive stakeholder consultation. This indicated that more modern and powerful power assisted pedal cycles can be introduced into the Australian road network without compromising road user safety. The Paper explains the source of the amendment, the methodologies used in researching the subject and the reasons for the key criteria incorporated in the definition.