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The NSW Young Drivers? Cohort Study

Lam, L, Norton, R, Woodward, Mark, Stevenson, Mark, Eisenbruch, M, Williamson, Ann

Driver Licensing & Training


Aims: Young drivers are over-represented in road traffic injuries. The identification of risk factors for such injuries is required to facilitate the further development of effective interventions. This presentation outlines the development of a proposal to conduct a cohort study to identify risk and protective factors for young driver injuries.

Methods: A multi-disciplinary team of researchers and key organisations in NSW concerned with young driver injuries was identified. The literature on young drivers was reviewed and contacts made with researchers internationally to identify on-going and planned similar research. A draft proposal was prepared and disseminated for comment among the key stakeholders.

Results: A study proposal has been developed. In addition to identifying risk factors for young driver injuries, the study may assist in the evaluation of the recently introduced NSW Graduated Licensing Scheme (GLS). Information about potential risk factors will be obtained from 20,000 young people, at the time they receive their P1 (provisional) licence. This information will then be linked prospectively to data on crash and injury involvement, collected routinely by government agencies.

Conclusion: Findings from the proposed study should facilitate the development of new strategies for the prevention of young driver injuries and may contribute to refinements in the new NSW GLS.