ARSRPE Conference Paper Database

Monitoring Victorian motorcycle riders

Page-Smith, J, Young, J



Motorcycle riding is increasing in popularity. Motorcycle riders are overrepresented in both the road toll and in serious casualty crashes. The aim of this study was to understand the attitudes to road safety and self-reported riding behaviour of motorcycle riders in Victoria, and to gain an insight into types of riding. Using a demographic stratified sampling technique, 2,000 Victorians who held a motorcycle licence, and/or had a motorcycle registered in their name were randomly sampled then invited by mail to participate in the survey online (phone and hardcopy options were available). Only 9% ride their motorcycles more than half the time; around 80% of motorcyclists ride recreationally, and only 4% solely commute. 68% of active riders owned a full set of riding gear but less than half (44%) active riders wear their gear every time they ride - saying trip length, weather and destination affected their decision. Most riders would not speed even if they were sure they wouldn’t get caught; however when asked to nominate a travel speed at which they thought they should be allowed to travel without being booked, 45% said they would travel above that speed at least part of the time. This study has provided the Transport Accident Commission with directions for further research, particularly in regard to returning and lapsed riders; and also in relation to protective gear wearing. It also identifies attitudes and behaviours of riders who are more likely to take risks.