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Point-to-point speed enforcement: Recommendations for better practice

Soole, D W, Fleiter, J J, Watson, B (Peer reviewed)

Speed Cameras


Point-to-point speed cameras are a relatively new and innovative technological approach to speed enforcement that is increasingly been used in a number of highly motorised countries. Previous research has provided evidence of the positive impact of this approach on vehicle speeds and crash rates, as well as additional traffic related outcomes such as vehicle emissions and traffic flow. This paper reports on the conclusions and recommendations of a large-scale project involving extensive consultation with international and domestic (Australian) stakeholders to explore the technological, operational, and legislative characteristics associated with the technology. More specifically, this paper provides a number of recommendations for better practice regarding the implementation of point-to-point speed enforcement in the Australian and New Zealand context. The broader implications of the research, as well as directions for future research, are also discussed.