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Australian National Risk Assessment Model: From vision to action

Jurewicz, C

Risk Assessment


Crash risk assessment has developed gradually over the past 15 years to assist road agencies in identifying and treating road sections with high potential for future crashes. This paper presents the latest step on this journey: Australian National Risk Assessment Model (ANRAM) funded by Austroads and completed by ARRB Group in 2013. This paper provides an overview of the theory and research evidence supporting the model. It explains how the model operates to assess the risk of fatal and serious injury crashes. ANRAM provides a mechanism for quantifying and prioritising fatal and serious injury crash risk across the Australian road network. Identification of severe crash risk is based on assessment of road infrastructure, speed and traffic flow, and on severe crash history. The aim of ANRAM is to guide severe crash reduction programs to achieve progress towards a Safe System as effectively as possible. The paper discusses implications of ANRAM for road safety policy implementation and program funding in Australia. The paper concludes with a discussion of several possible directions for future development of risk-based road assessment models.