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Crash related risks in New Zealand 1989-90 and 1997-98

Keall, Michael D., Frith, William J.

Crashes - Analysis


Large-scale personal interview travel surveys were carried out in New Zealand in 1989/90 and 1997/98. The surveys are unique in that self-reported details were taken of drivers? drinking behaviour to enable estimation of driving after drinking. Between the two surveys, the road toll in New Zealand fell considerably, against a background of continuing traffic growth. Using travel estimates generated by the two surveys, matched with crash data, the changing risks for various road users over the intervening eight-year period are discussed. There has been a large decrease in motorcycling since 1990, leading to a substantial reduction in overall fatalities. Changes in drinking and driving behaviour have been reflected by lower crash involvement by alcohol-affected drivers, particularly among young drivers. There are indications that long unbroken driving trips are becoming more frequent, potentially leading to impaired driving due to fatigue.