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Brisbane City Council School Community Road Safety Program

Lee, Mr John, Dodd, Mr Harry



Road safety is a concern for every school, parent and members of local school communities. The purpose of the Brisbane City Council's School Community Road Safety Program is to improve road safety and local amenity around school communities and make streets safer for children. The Program develops successful partnerships between Council and school communities to address road safety issues through education, encouragement, enforcement and engineering.

The BCC School Community Road Safety Program has been designed to encourage school communities including parents, teachers, students and local residents to become aware of, and to take ownership of, local road safety problems.

The School Community Road Safety Guide provides positive and practical ways of targeting road user behaviour around schools, thereby improving road safety for children. A video, Improving Road Safety Around Your School, is introduced by Dick Johnson and complements the Guide. A range of other resources (brochures, stickers, book labels) to encourage safe behaviour is also available.

The Program has been implemented in approximately 120 Brisbane schools and had positive results. It has also reduced demands for Council to provide engineering solutions.