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Review of Best Practice Road Safety Initiatives in the Corporate and/or Business Environment

Haworth, Narelle, Tingvall, Claes, Kowadlo, Naomi

Fleet Safety


This paper summarises an investigation of the potential to introduce road safety based initiatives in the corporate environment.

The literature review concluded that the following fleet safety initiatives have the potential to be effective:
? selecting safer vehicles
? some particular driver training and education programs
? incentives
? company safety programs where there is an overall safety emphasis.

European research and programs vary widely from the incorporation of fleet safety into quality assurance of transport in Sweden to the use of driver training and driver discussion groups in other jurisdictions. Evaluation of the effectiveness of fleet safety initiatives is rarely undertaken.

The current OHS legislation in Victoria allows considerable opportunity for promotion of best practice injury prevention measures. However, enforcement is only relevant to a small range of fleet safety problems.