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Drink Driving in Rural Areas: Recommendations for Enforcement and Public Education Based on Surveys of Hotel Patrons

Harrison, Warren A.

Enforcement & Penalties


This paper reports the results and recommendations of a study commissioned by Austroads to make recommendations to optimise enforcement programs for drink-driving in rural areas. Surveys of hotelpatrons (using a repeated-measures design) in rural towns coincided with three enforcement programs utilising different enforcement styles (overt, covert, and mixed). The results of the surveys were analysed to compare the effects of the three enforcement styles, to investigate factors associated with drink-driving and related decision-making processes, and to test predictions made by a new decisionmaking model incorporated into the deterrence model. The results suggested that there were some differences in the effects of the enforcement programs that favoured an increase in the level of overt (or detection-oriented) enforcement activity in rural areas, that the decision-making process that leads to drink-driving is complicated and has implications for enforcement programs, and that the naturalistic decision making model applied to the deterrence model was consistent with the survey data. The implications of the results for enforcement and public education are discussed.