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Developments in red light safety camera technology - reducing costs, increasing safety

Mitchell, K

Speed Cameras


The safety benefits of automated enforcement has been well documented with jurisdictions across Australasia using red light and speed safety camera to improve the safety of their roads. Redflex Traffic Systems has been at the forefront of the development of automated photo enforcement systems, improving the safety of communities worldwide through the adaptation of digital technology. The Australian based Research and Development team at Redflex have now developed world leading radar technology that eliminates traditional reflectivity issues, therefore enabling it to be deployed in built up areas. This radar has been incorporated into a new non-intrusive red light/ speed system that produces prosecutable images that are comparable to evidence produced by in road sensors. Along with the safety benefits derived through automated enforcement, by using non-intrusive technology, jurisdictions can reduce costs significantly. With non-intrusive systems there is no longer the need for costly civil works cutting into the road to lay sensors during implementation. With no in-ground sensor the maintenance costs are also reduced. This presentation provides a high level overview of the new technology used in non-intrusive red light/ speed safety cameras, allowing those non-technical delegates to have a basic understanding of how the systems work and the benefits that they can bring through cost reduction and road safety.