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FleetSafe - A Systematic Approach to Improving Driver and Vehicle Safety in Local Government in the Southern Region of Sydney

Gibbs, Melissa

Fleet Safety


The twelve member councils of the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) together operate over 2,700 vehicles, with an estimated 5,900 staff required to drive vehicles either as the main aspect of their jobs, or occasionally as requirements demand. If we can significantly and continuously improve driver and vehicle safety in councils, a major contribution can be made to improving road safety on local roads.

With the assistance of the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, SSROC has developed the FleetSafe program, which provides a framework for the 12 member councils to improve driver and vehicle safety for the benefit of staff, their families and the local community.

The goal of the FleetSafe project was to establish for each of the SSROC member councils:

? A model fleet safety policy that would significantly improve driver and vehicle safety

? Best practice guidelines that could be adapted to each council's unique requirements

? Guidance as to how the councils should go about putting the policy and guidelines into practice.

The project report provides SSROC councils with a model policy and recommended operating guidelines to establish best practice driver and vehicle safety policies and procedures. In addition, it provides the basis for other councils, and possibly other government and industry organisations to adopt a similar course of action.

Each of the 12 member councils have made significant progress on implementing the policy and guidelines.