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Promoting cost effective road safety improvement strategies for rural roads in New Zealand

Tate, F, Brodie, C (Peer reviewed)

Risk Assessment


In 2010 the New Zealand Government published Safer Journeys. This is the guiding document for road safety over the next decade, and introduced the Safe System Approach to New Zealand. One of the five high priority areas in Safer Journeys relates to Safer Road and Roadsides and includes a requirement to focus efforts on high risk rural roads and a first action being the development of an industry guide for the identification and treatment of high risk rural roads. This paper explores the background to the guide, the contents of the guide, including the development of a categorisation system based on personal and collective crash risk. The use of the guide is then discussed, focussing on the categorisation of road sections/corridors, and how this categorisation assists practitioners and policy makers to broadly determine the appropriate road safety management strategy for road corridors.