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Sleep Apnea and Driving in NSW Transport Drivers

Desai, Anup, Newcombe, Jim, Bartlett, Delwyn, Joffe, David, Grunstein, Ron



We have performed a pilot study to assess obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), work and life-style factors as causes of driver fatigue in transport drivers. This study is part of a larger national study of sleep disordered breathing in transport drivers. A group of NSW transport drivers completed a survey designed to assess an individual's level of daytime sleepiness and their likelihood of having OSA. Questions were also asked about motor vehicle accident history, sleep and work habits. The transport drivers sampled exhibited a high prevalence of OSA, which was found to be a primary cause of excessive daytime sleepiness in this group. Management strategies for this population must be developed which target OSA as an important cause of driver fatigue.