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Changing mental models - how recent developments in teaching and learning can be applied to road safety education in schools

Chamberlain, M, Hook, P (Peer reviewed)



Most road safety education (RSE) programmes lack evidence that either their design or their impact is effective. While some delivery methods and resources may increase knowledge or skills, any such gains often fail to be translated into changes in attitudes and behaviour. Recent developments in learning theory are changing approaches to RSE in schools. NZ Transport Agency has used new knowledge about effective learning to inform the design of the delivery methods and resources of school-based RSE. This paper summarises the understandings about effective teaching and learning that underpin this promising approach. The key to the design lies in creating effective links among school, home and community and supporting educators to engage young people in thinking and acting together to create attitudinal and behaviour change. It also focuses on the importance of embedding resources in the day-to-day work of teachers in schools. Practical examples from New Zealand schools illustrate key design features.