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Youth on the Move

Andrews, Jennifer



\'Youth On The Move\' is an educational young driver program with the focus on improving attitudes and increasing hazard perception. Youth On The Move was developed for the youth of the Cessnock City Council Local Government Area by Cessnock City Council, Samaritan?s Jobs Placement Employment & Training (JPET) , Kurri Youth Centre and Cessnock Youth Centre & Outreach in an attempt to decrease the incidence of road trauma in the local community.

The program is structured as a 6 week educational course followed by a weekend First Aid course with the provision of 8 Professional Driver Training Lessons taking participants through to the attainment of a Provisional Driving Licence.

The program is conducted in local Youth Centres on 2 campuses in the Local Government Area (LGA) concurrently to provide greater access for participants. Community and stakeholder participation is integral to the success of the program.

Cessnock City LGA has been implementing this program for 3 years with some successful outcomes.