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‘Hooning’ around: A focus group exploration into the effectiveness of Vehicle Impoundment legislation.

Clark, B, Scully, M, Hoareau, E (Peer reviewed)



Hooning' around: Evaluation of the Victorian Vehicle Impoundment Legislation. Belinda Clark, Michelle Scully, Effie Hoareau MUARC The Vehicle Impoundment ( hoon ) Legislation was implemented in Victoria in July 2006. The objective of the legislation is to reduce the incidence of serious injuries and fatalities associated with hoon driving practices. Since its introduction there have been more than 11,000 vehicle impoundments for excessive speed and hoon offences, across Victoria. This research project was conducted to explore the effectiveness of the Vehicle Impoundment legislation in reducing the occurrence and recidivism of hoon driving behaviour. Victoria Police Vehicle Impoundment data covering the period July 2006 to May 2010 (n=11,193 cases) was analysed with a view to defining factors that may be predictive of hoon behaviour. In addition to demographic factors, the analysis explored variables such as: type of offence; day and time of offence; driver licence status; and previous hoon offences. More detailed inspection of behavioural and attitudinal factors surrounding hoon behaviour and the legislation was subsequently undertaken through a self-report questionnaire administered to drivers whose vehicles had been impounded under the legislation. Focus group discussions were conducted to explore the underlying attitudes pertaining to engaging in hooning, having a vehicle impounded, and the effectiveness of the Vehicle Impoundment legislation. Results provide timely and valuable insights into this high profile, but currently under-researched, driving population, as well as the legislation that has evolved in response.