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British Road Safety Strategy To 2010: Target Setting, Monitoring And Research

Allsop, Richard E

Crashes - Analysis


As a key element in the British government?s integrated transport policy, a comprehensive road safety strategy has as its focus casualty reduction targets for 2010. The strategy is presented in relation to ten themes and envisages addressing these through partnership with the relevant organisations and with road users in implementing new or enhanced policies for opening up or progressing further along twelve avenues of casualty reduction. The quantitative basis (in analysis of the likely effects of these policies, long term trends in casualty rates, and a range of possible levels and patterns of road use in 2010) is set out for advice to Ministers leading to their choice of casualty reduction targets for 2010 - 40 per cent fewer killed or seriously injured (including 50 per cent fewer children) and a 10 per cent lower rate of slightly injured per 100m vehicle-km than the averages for the five years 1994-1998. The same analysis provides a transparent basis for monitoring and periodic review of progress towards the targets. The strategy includes commitment to further research into various aspects of road safety, and these and other related research requirements are discussed.