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Learners Licence Training Project

McIlwraith, Mal

Driver Licensing & Training


The project started early in 1996 when Road Safety Section were asked to assist the Cherbourg community members unable to pass the written learners licence test. These people were failing because they did not have adequate literacy skills to learn the materials (in available text format) or pass the written test. The experience we gained through running training sessions and testing for these clients was used to develop the community driven training processes and activity based resources discussed in this paper.

As the user friendliness of the resources (see section 5.1, 5.4) improved it became easier to share the concept and resources with interested agencies. We tested the prototype resources with these agencies in line with their specific needs and the response was a flood of great ideas: A poster turned into multiple discussion cards; Cards were colour coded into families; text was simplified and in many cases replaced with pictures or diagrams.

Late in 2000 we had the three activities ready to trial with a wider audience. Queensland Transport?s Community Programs and Information Branch came on board as partners and are undertaking a state wide trial of the resources. To guide the further development of the project we formed a reference group which included staff from special education units, youth justice programs, a correctional centre, youth employment agencies and neighbourhood centres.