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Final analysis of Intelligent Speed Assist and Heavy Vehicles: A trial to assess safety, fuel consumption and driver acceptability

Truong, J, Fitzharris, Michael, Stephan, Karen, Healy, David, Rowe, G, Collins, S (Peer reviewed)

Intelligent Transport Systems


The road safety benefits of Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) have been demonstrated in a number of projects worldwide. These benefits, however, are yet to be replicated in the heavy vehicle industry. With freight travel by road predicted to double by 2020, fuel costs predicted to rise and environmental issues looming large, the role of speed management in helping companies to reduce crashes, contain costs and remain competitive is likely to play an increasingly important role in the operational plans of many transport operators. In this regard, ISA may have an important role to play. A trial conducted by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in collaboration with the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) and with the cooperation of several heavy vehicle companies sought to assess the relative merits of ISA in terms of speed choice, fuel consumption, and driver acceptability. Analysis demonstrates significant benefits in preventing them from speeding however this was not the case for all drivers. Device user acceptability was also a significant determinant of ISA effectiveness. The implications for the further rollout of ISA are discussed.