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Advisory intelligent speed adaptation in government fleet vehicles

Doecke, S, Woolley, Jeremy, Anderson, R W G, Truong, J (Peer reviewed)

Intelligent Transport Systems


Intelligent speed adaptation in government fleet vehicles Sam Doecke, Jeremy Woolley, Robert Anderson “ Centre for Automotive Safety Research Jessica Truong “ Transport Accident Commission This paper details a model of the likely crash savings if state government fleets were fitted with intelligent speed adaptation (ISA). The modelling only considers advisory ISA systems, including monitored advisory ISA systems. Two installation scenarios are explored: the first where the ISA device can be taken from a government vehicle about to be sold and placed into a new government vehicle that has just been bought; the second where the device remains in the vehicle after it is sold to the public. Consideration is given to differences in crash rates between government fleet vehicles and all vehicles by means of a literature review and direct data analysis. The crash savings attributed to ISA are calculated by using the results of the NSW intelligent speed adaptation trial and the Kloeden risk curve for travel speed. Advisory ISA devices currently available on the Australian market are examined in terms of factors relevant to installation on government fleet vehicles.