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Using the OLA process to share the respoinsbility for reduing motorcycle and scooter deaths and serious injuries.

Brown, M, Wright, D, Gibson, J

Policy Development and Implementation


Using the OLA process to share the responsibility for reducing motorcycle and scooter deaths and serious injuries in WA Motorcycle and scooter riders in WA have been identified as being 29 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a crash than any other road user travelling the same distance. West Australians are currently experiencing a period of cultural change with regard to transport that recognises increasing fuel and parking costs along with a rapid increase in congestion at a rate that has that has never before been experienced in this State. This is fuelling an increase in the popularity of powered two wheel vehicles. To address the issue of the over representation of riders in deaths and serious injuries, a Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Action Group was formed. Chaired by the RAC, there were 4 Forums attended by more than 100 motorcycle enthusiasts, road safety practitioners, community members, researchers, state and local government representatives and road safety experts who worked to identify, discuss and commit to a range of road safety initiatives to reduce motorcycle and scooter crashes. This presentation explores the outcomes of using the Swedish OLA  process in developing a plan of action; it also examines the range of the actions being pursued by forum participants that recognise the principle of 'shared responsibility' for road safety as part of the Safe System approach adopted by the Western Australian road safety strategy Towards Zero. Matt Brown “ RAC WA Dave Wright “ MRA Jon Gibson - ORS