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Free Online Training in Hazard Perception and Risk Management for Learner Drivers in New Zealand

Isler, R (Peer reviewed)



Free Online Training in Situation Awareness, Hazard Perception and Risk Management for Learner Drivers in New Zealand Robert B. Isler eDrive Solutions Ltd. New Zealand The young driver problem is an extremely serious health issue at a social cost of more than 1 billion dollars per year for New Zealand. The recent Safer Journeys Discussion Document from the Government considered young drivers as an area of high concern and suggests many interventions, including measures to improve the competence of young drivers on the road. In response to this issue and in collaboration with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), we developed a comprehensive, web-based training tool ('eDrive') for learner drivers to practice so called higher-order driving skills, safely on their computer and at no cost to them. The eDrive programme ( consists of more than 100 video-based traffic simulations and requires the users to detect immediate hazards (module Visual Search), respond to them (Hazard Anticipation), and select the appropriate responses of minimising risks (Risk Assessment). The user also has the opportunity to practice road commentary techniques (Road Commentary) and to adapt their speed to the road condition (Speed Choice). The program has a teenage friendly interface and simulates a drive from the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North Island ( The great New Zealand Roadie ) where they can enjoy some stunning New Zealand sceneries and collect souvenirs, which, in the future, may translate to tangible rewards.