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The Repeat Speeders Trial: Victorian Trial of Intelligent Speed Assist Technology & the Speed Behaviour Program

Duck, N

Speed - Travel Speeds


Speed is a critical factor in many serious crashes. To address this significant risk, VicRoads developed the Repeat Speeders Trial. The trial is testing two behavioural interventions, inviting drivers with a history of speeding offence to participate. The trial commenced in October, 2010 and will conclude in late 2011. The first intervention, the Speed Alert Trial, involves the trial of advisory Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) technology. The aim of this intervention is to determine if advisory auditory and visual alerts assist participants to reduce their speeding behaviour. The second intervention, the Speed Behaviour Program, is a group-based behavioural intervention that invites drivers to reflect on, and develop strategies to reduce, their speeding behaviour. In this paper, we first present the background development to this project. Legal, research, ethical and practical issues with use of ISA technology will be discussed. Second, the research design of the trial will be presented. Third, preliminary data will be presented, including the recruitment take-up rates for the trial and interim data. Lastly, future directions for ISA and the Speed Behaviour Program will be discussed. av_requirements: PowerPoint