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Evaluation of pedestrian countdown timers in the Sydney CBD

Cleaver, M, de Roos, Michael, Fernandes, Ralston, Prendergast, Margaret, Levasseur, M, McTiernan, D, Brisbane, G

Pedestrian Safety


Pedestrian countdown timers (PCTs) have been used in a number of countries for the purpose of assisting pedestrians to safely cross signalised intersections or mid-block locations. However, the benefits to pedestrians identified in research papers have been mixed. In order to quantify the safety benefits of PCTs a trial was undertaken in the Sydney CBD to determine the impact of PCTs on pedestrian crossing behaviour. The RTA installed PCTs at two locations and observed their impact before and after installation through analysing the changes in on-site pedestrian behaviour. Observations were made of the number of pedestrians that start and finish each pedestrian time interval (Walk, Flashing Don't Walk, Steady Don't Walk). An assessment was also made of community responsiveness through an intercept survey. This paper will provide an overview of the RTA trial including the background, method employed and outcomes of the trial in terms of the effectiveness of PCTs in improving pedestrian safety.