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Motorcyclist Injuries and Protective Clothing: Research with TAC Clients

McIntyre, Allison, Nieuwesteeg, Michael, Cockfield, Samantha

Motorcyclists - I


Motorcyclist Injuries and Protective Clothing: Research with TAC Clients Authors: Dr Allison McIntyre, Mr Michael Nieuwesteeg, Ms Samantha Cockfield Affiliation: Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Abstract The wearing of protective clothing is one strategy used to mitigate injuries to motorcyclists. The present research project investigated the types of injuries sustained by TAC client motorcyclists and the relationships of injuries with the wearing of protective clothing. A sample of 500 TAC client motorcyclists was interviewed about their accidents, motorcycles, wearing of protective clothing and riding behaviour. These data were linked to police reports and TAC injury data. Injuries were classified according to body region and type of injury, allowing the effect of different items of protective clothing to be explored. Participants reported high levels of helmet and protective glove wearing. Protective jackets and boots were worn by the majority, with protective pants the least likely item of clothing to be worn. Analyses showed those wearing protective clothing were less likely to sustain open wound injuries than those not wearing protective clothing. The wearing of specific items of protective clothing was associated with fewer open wound injuries to the corresponding regions of the body. There was also some evidence of the protective effect of motorcycling pants and boots on nerve injuries. A comparison of road-bike riders with off-road riders showed that road-bike riders wore fewer items of protective clothing and fared more poorly in terms of injuries sustained. The research demonstrates the benefits the wearing of protective clothing offers motorcyclists in the event of a crash.