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Motorcycle Training and Licensing: the challenges of change

Lumb, L


Motorcyclists are categorised as the most vulnerable road users in WA. Evidence suggests that on 'per kilometre travelled' motorcycle riders are up to 23 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured as a result of a crash. Since January 2007 there have been over 130 motorcycle fatalities in WA which is above the national state average of 112. In 2009, motorcycles (including mopeds and scooters) made up only four per cent of registered vehicles on WA roads yet accounted for 17 per cent of road related fatalities and serious injuries. Now with nearly 100,000 licensed motorcycles in 2010, figures from the Department of Transport indicate that in the five years between 2004 and 2009 the number of licensed motorcycles in WA has doubled. As part of the safe systems approach of Towards Zero (the State Government Road Safety Strategy 2008-2020) and in conjunction with industry representatives and feedback from the public, a project was launched in 2009 to address some of the challenges facing this specific road user group. Having conducted a series of workshops, presentation forums, online and paper based surveys across the state, this presentation highlights some of the key findings, successes and challenges giving an insight to the process of policy development and the future of training and licensing for motorcyclists on WA roads.