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Road Fatality Review Panel do we count it or not?

Gibson, J


Road Fatality Review Panel do we count it or not? One of the key measures of the success of strategic planning for road safety is the annual road toll. The criteria for whether a particular fatality is to be recorded on the official road toll is found in the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) guidelines, which is the guiding document used by Victoria Police. In order to ensure that maximum efforts are appropriately applied to achieving a real and continuing reduction in the road toll, it is absolutely critical that the information on which we base our decisions and measure outcomes is accurate, robust, transparent and withstands scrutiny. The Road Fatality Review panel comprises experts in the disciplines of clinical medicine, forensic pathology, psychology/psychiatry and roads & vehicles. The panel provides expert advice to the Deputy Commissioner, Road Policing, regarding whether particular fatalities meet the criteria for inclusion on the official road toll.