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The innovative use of New Media & Mediums to deliver Road Safety Public Education

Thompson, John

Policy Development and Implementation


The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) have for the last 21 years invested heavily in road safety public education to assist in reducing the impact of road trauma in Victoria. The TAC is well known for the use of reality tactics, some call this shock advertising, to take the impact of road trauma to Victorian's homes to encourage behaviour change. The success of the TAC campaigns is well documented using traditional media and traditional communication techniques. However, as traditional media continues to fragment and consumer media usage changes and evolves that TAC and other public health campaigners have had to change as well. To meet this changing media landscape the TAC has tested and evaluated a number of innovative communications campaigns, media and mediums, including social media and user generated content to continue its track record of success in behaviour change public education. Over the past four years the TAC has implemented and successfully trailed a number of different communications tools. From the development of our own Television series - Sudden Impact and its associated online interview chat room, to the Ripple Effect Campaign where we worked with over 50 people who were directly effected by just one accident and the subsequent use of online media Facebook and Youtube to get the story into young consumers hands. The development of the TAC's own Youtube channel which has received over 13 million views in just one year. Through to the Rename Speed campaign using Facebook to engage the public to support the change of the name of the town from Speed to Speed Kills. The TAC continues to innovate in road safety public education space. In this presentation John will outline the techniques, decisions required, objectives and learning from the development of these and other innovative road safety campaigns.