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Learnings from Phase One of WALGA Local Government Safe System Project.

Smithson, A, Wernham, R, Russell-Weisz, Louise

Policy Development and Implementation


WALGA's Local Government Safe System Project was established in May 2009, with the goal of increasing the uptake of safe system principles by Local Government, in a shared responsibility approach, for the implementation of Towards Zero. The first phase of the project focused on raising awareness and understanding of the safe system approach within Local Government; clarifying the current level of capacity of Local Governments to adopt a safe system approach; identifying the barriers and enables for Local Governments to move towards this approach; and developing a set of safe system principles to provide relevant guidance for Local Governments. These strategies were designed to achieve the targets set for Phase One, which were to: - Increase the awareness of the Towards Zero strategy within Local Governments by 10% by May 2011; - Increase the knowledge of the safe system approach within Local Government by 10% by May 2011; and - Increase the adoption of the safe system approach into Local Government strategies, plans and policies by 5% by May 2011. This paper will report on the outcomes of the first phase of the Local Government Safe System Project, due to conclude in May 2011, and measure the progress towards the goal and targets of the project. Key learnings from Phase One will be explored, and the way forward for Phase Two of the project will be outlined.