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A new road type for Sydney's Growth Centres

Cleaver, M, de Roos, Michael, Collins, G, Sheridan, M

Policy Development and Implementation


The North West and South West Growth Centres on Sydney's outer periphery were identified for greenfield release by the NSW Government in 2005, with the first precincts released for planning in 2006. The Growth Centres will eventually provide around 181,000 dwellings and $7.5 billion in infrastructure for about half a million new residents within two Centres, similar in size to two small cities. As these new centres are being planned and built on the outskirts of Sydney, it became apparent that a new type of road was required. The new type of road was needed to move large numbers of vehicles while accommodating the needs and amenity of adjacent land uses, such as residents and shoppers who use the road for short local journeys and pedestrian and cyclist movements. Overall, the roads need to be safe for all road users. The NSW RTA has identified and developed criteria for a hierarchy of road types, including the Transit Boulevard, that will provide guidance in the development of the road transport system in these somewhat greenfield areas as well as help to manage the road safety of all road users. While some roads already exist and there is, in some locations, some rail infrastructure, some roads have been identified for widening and other roads will be provided where cows once grazed. There is a need, therefore, to take advantage of early planning to help ensure that a road safety problem is not generated, and that communities are places where residents and visitors alike can feel and are safe in their every-day pursuits.