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An examination of changing community mind-sets

Walton, N



An examination of changing community mind-sets Presentation stream: Enforcement and education Author details: Nicole Walton Marketforce Director, Strategy Mob: 0413 016 595 Office: 08 9488 9408 Email: Proposed Presentation type: Practitioner Paper for Oral Presentation in the form of powerpoint slides with suitable supporting text Presenter: Nicole Walton (author) Affiliations: Marketforce is a preferred marketing communications agency for the Office of Road Safety, Western Australia. Key Words: Global Trends, Communication, Tone Audio Visual Requirements: Video, Powerpoint Author Bibliography: MBA Graduate, Nicole Walton has over 12 years' experience in global sales and marketing. Nicole attributes her achievements to ensuring that all strategy is grounded in consumer and market insights. Abstract: This presentation intends to challenge the audience to consider that changing community mind-sets, as a result of both global and local factors, must be a primary consideration for the tone and style of education and enforcement messages that our society is exposed to in order to achieve Towards Zero Deaths and Injuries. Wider global factors such as natural disasters, economic stability and national security all impact the outlook, confidence and accountability taken by the wider community towards social issues. The trends that occur as a result of these factors need to be understood and considered in association with the abundant academic studies that exist on social marketing issues relevant to road safety. This presentation proposes that secondary research should inform the development of implications and hypotheses. These should be tested on local communities in order to tap into consumer sentiment that will drive attitudinal and behavioural change. It is proposed that this sentiment is not static but is ever-evolving as a result of global and local factors.