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A helping hand, equipping parents to tackle the learning to drive process

Faletti, B, Dunstall, D



Dianne Dunstall “ RAC Bruno Faletti “ School Drug Education & Road Aware A helping hand “ equipping parents to tackle the learning to drive process The evidence is clear that novice drivers are among some of the most vulnerable road users within the community. Research also identifies extensive supervised driving hours as an effective way to reduce the crash risk for this road user group. A state-wide venture between School Drug Education and Road Aware and the RAC aims to highlight this protective factor in the Keys for Life workshop. This education workshop attended by the parent and their learner driver, models best practice as it links directly to a classroom based pre-driver education program that reinforces the benefits of extensive driving practice. It also adopts a partnership approach engaging schools, parents and the wider community. In most families, driving supervision is undertaken by a parent. Recognising the role of parents in the learning to drive process and their ability to positively influence their teenager's road use, the question to be asked is, how can we make supervised driving practice as effective as possible? Keys for Life equips the parent with the knowledge and skills to confidently tackle teaching their teenager to drive. Planning and using a stepped approach to driving practice and dealing with difficult driving situations are topics covered in the workshop. Keys for Life has had an overwhelming positive response from WA school communities and data indicates an increased reach and participant confidence. This presentation will outline a model for successfully supporting parents and young drivers in the learning to drive process.