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Courtesy speed checks and their effect on vehicle speeds and driver attitude.

Wall, J. P., Powell, I., James, K. L.



The courtesy speed check (CSC) program was undertaken as a result of an increased number of speed related fatalities within the Hunter region of NSW in 2000. Known black lengths within the region which were potential fixed speed camera sites due to their crash history and high recorded travelling speeds were targeted with CSCs. A literature and internet search was initially undertaken to inform the design of the program. Laser speed feedback units measured the speeds of oncoming traffic and displayed speeds on an electronic display board. Automatic vehicle speed and classification counters were installed at survey locations facilitating the measurement of speeds at CSC sites and downstream to qualify any residual reduction in vehicle speeds. Interviews were conducted with 214 drivers who had passed a CSC in operation to extract their attitudes and self reported behaviours. Results indicated a high level of support for the CSC program, an increased awareness of vehicle travelling speed and evidence of speed reductions.